We continue to embrace opportunities that may enable the delivery of potentially transformational medicines.

  • Takeda
    Our collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceuticals aims to accelerate the discovery and development of innovative, first-in-class therapies that address central nervous system (CNS) disorders. As part of this strategic partnership, Takeda has an option to a global 50:50 co-development and co-commercialization profit share for select CNS targets.
  • University of Dundee
    Our research collaboration with Dundee investigates the potential of using antisense oligonucleotides as therapeutics for both common and rare skin diseases, including atopic dermatitis and keratin disorders. Aided by Dundeeā€™s proprietary human skin explant model, we aim to discover stereoisomers with superior pharmacological properties that confer therapeutic efficacy through targeted mRNA knockdown or exon skipping and are amenable to topical treatment.