In-house manufacturing is an essential component of our strategy and our goal to transform treatment of serious diseases.

Through our internal current good manufacturing practices (“cGMP”) manufacturing capabilities, located in a 90,000 square foot facility in Lexington, Massachusetts, we have the capacity to support multiple discovery, preclinical, and early clinical-stage programs and have the established expertise to efficiently conduct manufacturing runs for oligonucleotides across a spectrum of modalities.

We believe that leveraging our internal manufacturing capabilities along with expertise from contract manufacturing organizations (“CMOs”), when needed, facilitates our growth and enhances our ability to secure drug substance for current and future development activities. We also believe that these capabilities support potential for commercial manufacturing at a cost of goods and potential cost-per-patient that is comparable to stereorandom oligonucleotides.

Our cGMP manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Oligonucleotide synthesis capacity ranging from high throughput to large-scale GMP production
  • Comparable yield and cost-of-goods to standard stereorandom oligonucleotides
  • Industry standard equipment with no biological processing required
  • GMP manufacturing capacity that can be made available to partners